Uber to Buy 24,000 Self Driving Cars from Volvo

Uber has struck a new deal with Volvo, one that would have 24,000 new, driverless vehicles in its network once the technology hits the market. Uber had already set a deal with Volvo when it learned of its extensive research and development going into developing new cars with autonomous technology.  However, with the new deal, Uber will buy tens of thousands of self-driving vehicles and add them to its already extensive drivers network. However, this move has not come without its issues. Uber has already launched its own department focusing on expanding its technology in self-driving cars. Investing in its own Advanced Technologies Group, and through this department launched a few self-driving programs. However, in san Francisco Uber had to pull its self-driving cars because they were not registered properly, in March one of Ubers self-driving cars had a very serious accident, and Uber is currently in court with Google over a dispute of stolen trade secrets.


Innovation is not easy, and it does not come without its issues. Autonomous vehicles are a new, emerging technology, and it is only recently that many people are seriously entering the sector. Tesla was the first to release an autonomous car into the market, Google has been working on this for a long time, Ford and GM have spent billions buying software companies to get them prepared for their self-driving car projects. Even Lyft, Uber’s major competitor in the US, has paired with major auto manufacturing companies to get itself ready to move towards releasing its own fleet of autonomous vehicles. Uber has done well to establish its place in this new market early. Innovation is key to staying relevant in the long run, and you can follow Uber as an example and innovate in your own business and stay ahead of the competition.

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