Michelle Seiler- Tucker is the leading authority on buying, selling and improving businesses, as well as increasing a business’s revenue streams. Michelle has sold several hundred businesses and franchises. She has helped buyers from all walks of life buy the American Dream, create financial freedom to be their own boss and obtain a better quality of life.

Because of the depth of her experience, Ms. Tucker has a keen insight into business in all industries. This insight combined with her motivational skills and charisma endows Ms. Tucker with the ability to captivate and teach an audience. With her diverse experience in the business world, she can speak on topics from “how to be more profitable” to “having an exit plan” and everything in between. As the leading authority on buying and selling businesses and best-selling author of “How to Sell Your Business for More Than It’s Worth”, Ms. Tucker is the preeminent expert on the buying or selling a business.

Ms. Tucker’s experience has granted her the opportunities to be a keynote speaker at many prominent events. She has been a speaker alongside celebrities and leading business minds such as Eric Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and Dr. Nido Qubein. Ms. Tucker has also been a featured presenter at multiple events hosted by Raymond Aaron and a women’s dinner with Cathy Ireland. With her considerable speaking experience and vast knowledge, Ms. Tucker is the one of the leading speakers and experts in the business world.

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