Matt Lauer Fired for Sexual Misconduct

Wednesday morning, at the top of the “Today Show”, it was announced that Matt Lauer had been fired after allegations of sexual misconduct from an employee were made Monday night. The employee filed a complaint referring to “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace” that Matt Lauer had allegedly committed. Matt Lauer has been a staple of the Today Show for 20 years, but after these allegations have come to light it seems that his time at the most popular morning show in the US has come to an end. The Alleged incident happened in Russia while Lauer was covering the 2014 winter Olympics. NBC’s News Chairman Andrew Lack stated in a company memo that this was the first allegation made against Matt Lauer in his 20-year tenure at NBC, but they also had reason to believe that this was not an isolated incident. He added that the alleged actions are a clear violation of the standards of NBC.


Matt Lauer is just another person whose past alleged actions of sexual misconduct have been brought to light. Recently we have seen an outpour of allegations against people like Harvey Weinstein and Louie CK and many others who for years acted inappropriately in the work place. Just last week CBS fired one of its morning anchors, Charlie Rose for allegations of sexual misconduct in the work place. However, we do have to ask ourselves if the action taken after the allegations are justified. We do have due process in this country and a judicial system that presumes your innocence before you are found guilty. The actions taken by NBC will void Matt Lauer’s contract, in which he was being paid tens of millions each year through 2018. There is a possibility that if these allegations were not investigated thoroughly, Matt Lauer could have cause to take NBC to court for ending his contract preemptively.  Many women have had to deal with the inappropriate actions of men for years in fear of retaliation. But now it seems that women have the chance to let the world know about what they have been dealing with, and it is making the workplace safer for everyone.  But is it safe to say that every allegation is true? And should companies just fire employees when these allegations come out without extensive investigations?

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