Money From Nothing

Traditionally, venture capital firms are the life blood of Silicon Valley based tech startups however one type of technology, cryptocurrency, is flipping that relationship on its head. Simply put, digital currency startups don’t need the cash traditionally supplied by VCs, and now, VCs are turning to cryptocurrency startups for a piece of the action. This reversed relationship is due to a phenomenon known as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). In an ICO, a cryptocurrency firm  read more>>

Paving the Way for Explosive Growth

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi launched a new system of taxes last Saturday, a massive rollout of unified tax laws that was over a decade in the making. This new unified tax code has replaced more than a dozen central and state tariffs with different rates for each of India’s 29 states. All of India’s goods and services have been placed in one of five tax brackets ranging from a 0% tax for agriculture  read more>>

Amazon Enters Yet Another Market

Amazon recently announced that they will be providing their own version of Best Buy’s Geek Squad service, which offers in-home product installations and repairs. The new “Amazon Smart Home Services Store” on its website lets users book appointments for installations and free consultations. Company experts will answer questions and set up products like smart lights, thermostats and as well as Amazon’s line of smart-home devices.

Amazon is offering a 20% discount for some of these  read more>>

Monumental Costs Reflect New Orleans Spending Habits

Last month the iconic statue of confederate general Robert E. Lee was removed. This was the last of four confederate era statues to be removed as they were collectively declared a public nuisance. The controversy over the removal of these monuments reflect the true polarized nature of the New Orleanian population. While much of New Orleans takes fierce pride in their Southern traditions and history, others see the confederate monuments as a means of  read more>>

Amazon Shakes Up Grocery Industry

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ announcement to acquire Whole Foods last week sent shock waves throughout Wall Street and grocery giants like Target, Walmart, and Costco saw their stock prices plummet. Amazon’s acquisition will undoubtedly bring online grocery shopping to Whole Foods and thus gives Whole Foods a competitive advantage over its competitors. This could lead to a further digitization of the grocery industry, as other grocery retailers are likely to scramble to adopt online  read more>>

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

India Rising

Most of us associate China as Asia’s economic superpower but very soon that title may go to India as it is currently a treasure trove of investment opportunities. India will very soon pass China as the world’s most populous nation and possesses one of the fastest growing middle classes of any country on earth. This in addition to the gradual dissolution of the ancient caste system has created an explosion of entrepreneurial activity  read more>>

The Auto Industry Evolves, So Do Its People

We are entering an age in technology where self-driving vehicles will soon be a reality. With many radical innovations, the technology exists but the practical and swift adoption of these inventions holds many companies and geniuses from ushering in the future. This bottleneck will always exist in the auto industry; the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” holds too much truth for car owners.

Nonetheless in a move to remain competitive, recapture market  read more>>

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