Adidas passes Nike’s Jordan brand

Adidas became the second-best seller of footwear in the US. It passed Nike’s Jordan brand which tracks separately from other Nike brands. This is good news all around for Adidas, its sales grew 20% thru the second quarter of 2017 and its stock is up 50% this year. Although Nike still sells more than Adidas over all, the decrease in its major Jordan brand is a telling sign. Nike has only had a rise  read more>>

Don’t Glorify the Shooter, Pray for the Victims & the Families

Today, unfortunately, there are many people dead and even more hospitalized after Stephen Paddock, the 64-year-old gunman, opened fire at a country music festival in Las Vegas. While Jason Aldean was performing at the open-air festival, the gunman shot out his hotel window and fired onto the unsuspecting festival crowd from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. The gunman proceeded to fire hundreds of bullets with his rifles, late Sunday  read more>>

I Stand for the Flag


It’s been a few days since the NFL decided to protest the American flag. Before Sunday, it was a few pro football’s players’ choice to kneel in protest while the national anthem was being sung before kickoff, but that escalated when entire teams knelt and stood locked in arms in protest of our country. Although I am strongly against their actions, I do believe that they have a constitutional right to protest. However, I  read more>>

Cities looking for a chance to house Amazon’s 2nd HQ

Amazon is currently looking for a city in the US to open its second headquarters. Amazon’s move, which many are calling the business development of the century, will likely cost amazon 5 billion and result with 50,000 new jobs for the surrounding area. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s Chief Executive Officer, started a nationwide competition when he announced that Amazon was looking for a town to house Amazon’s second headquarters. As a result, Tucson, Arizona has  read more>>

Rolling Stone Magazine for Sale

After 50 years Wenner Media has decided to sale its controlling stake in Rolling Stone Magazine. The magazine, that was founded in 1967 by Jan Wenner and Ralph Gleason, became a staple of music and pop culture. Today Rolling Stone magazine reaches 60 million readers worldwide each month, and it has an expanding digital and social media footprint. Although this may come as a shock, there were signs of changes coming to Wenner Media.  read more>>

China Announces Ban on Diesel and Gas Powered Cars

China is preparing a massive change towards electric cars. The country with the largest auto market announced its plans to ban cars powered solely by diesel and gas sometime soon. The Chinese government is following the example of countries like India, France, Britain, and Norway who have already announced plans to phase out cars powered only by fossil fuels. With this news car makers are already moving forward with plans to accommodate the world’s  read more>>

The Financial Toll of 2 Major Hurricanes on the US

Within the span of 2 weeks, US shores have been hit by 2 major hurricanes. Harvey which hit Texas and Southwest Louisiana in late August, and Irma making its way through the Florida coast. With the devastation left in their path, the question now is what is the financial toll on the US after 2 major disasters? The toll for Harvey’s destruction is estimated to be anywhere between $70 and $90 Billion, with only  read more>>

LEGO to let go of 1400 employees after 10-year boom ends

The Danish toy maker, LEGO, reported its first decline in sales in a decade in its midyear report. The 5% fall in revenues comes after the abrupt change in leadership in the company this year. Following this dip, LEGO announced that it will downsize its workforce by 8%, that accounts for more than 1400 employees. For more than 10 years LEGO had seen revenues grow above 20% annually. However, in 2016 LEGO saw growth  read more>>

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