Barefoot & Pregnant: The Hobby Lobby Judgment

On Monday, June 30th, the Supreme Court ruled that family-owned corporations are not required to provide their employees with insurance coverage for birth control, siting federal protection of religious freedom. The judgment was in favor of the retail franchise Hobby Lobby. In this latest effort to abort Obamacare, the target was focused on the health care act’s requirement that for-profit companies afford their employees insurance coverage for contraception.

Justice Samuel Alito ruled that the federal  read more>>

Hillary Clinton: The Mitt Romney of 2016

Since becoming the first lady of the United States in 1993, Hillary Clinton has lived an illustrious life that most Americans will never get the benefit of experiencing. Although revered by many for her outstanding resume, New York’s first female U.S. Senator and former Secretary of State has recently suffered a disconnect with voters.

Hillary is often considered to be out of touch to the working class American. Many view her as an elitist, contrary  read more>>

Obama’s Downfall: No He Can’t?

As of late, it seems that nothing can improve President Obama’s rapidly declining approval ratings. This does not come as a surprise to some given the current scandals concerning Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Veterans Affairs that continue to bog the Obama presidency. The discussion is more prevalent than ever regarding the president’s competency as the leader of the Free World.

A new poll is shifting the media’s depiction of Obama’s second term  read more>>

The World Cup & Brazil’s Booming Business Of Sex

As the leading authority in the business brokering industry, I’ve sold hundreds of companies and franchises to many eager entrepreneurs and business owners throughout my career. In my line of work, I broker the buying and selling of businesses; in the case of the World Cup, however, business is booming for those who broker the buying and selling of sex. With every world cup tournament, Super Bowl, and major international event, prostitutes from every  read more>>

Bieber’s Branding Catastrophe

There was a time when the fall of global teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber, seemed inconceivable, but that’s just what is happening right before the eyes of the public. The once adored international idol, is now widely viewed as a pompous, entitled, out-of-control, fizzling pop star with racist tendencies that has been viewed and condemned by millions of onlookers. How did he go from pop prince to royal troublemaker? Where does his tarnished brand go from here? And how does he and his team  read more>>

WHITE POWERful Sterling & His $ 2 Billion Deal

Donald Sterling is releasing his proposal to sue the NBA, leaving only approval by the league’s owners for Steve Ballmer to become the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Sterling is to sign off on the $2 billion sale to Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO, bringing this global race infused fiasco to a close. Donald Sterling’s attorney said, “he has made an agreement with the NBA to resolve all their differences.” Sterling gave his  read more>>

“But Still I Rise” Like Legendary Poet & Activist Maya Angelou

Are you experiencing a challenge, injury, or illness that is holding you back and preventing you from performing at your best? The answers and solutions you are looking for already reside within you. Maya Angelou, an impoverished adolescent from the segregated South who made her way to San Francisco and went on to become one of the most significant literary figures of her time died Wednesday at the age of 86. Angelou reportedly passed  read more>>

Reinvention: A Business Facelift

For businesses, the meaning of reinvention is looked upon as a facelift of a company. In order to stay competitive, companies must be able to reinvent themselves. Business reinventions can range from rebranding to an entirely new business model.

Many companies I consult with share the need to transport their business into the 21st century. A business owner must first improve the quality of the services or products being offered to compete in a  read more>>

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