How To Ensure Your Political Party An Additional 5 Million Votes

Democrats and Republicans are debating whether President Obama violated the Constitution by using his executive power to change U.S. immigration law. Since Obama announced he would defer deportations for specific categories of immigrants and allow approximately 5 million to stay and work here legally—and to possibly get citizenship here in the US, has spurred ongoing controversy.

Running a country is like running a business. It takes a team to operate and sustain a successful  read more>>

Trump Plaza Closing: Know When to Fold ‘Em

Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, is considered a first-class experience, located at the center of Atlantic City’s celebrated boardwalk, will close its gold plated doors indefinitely. The establishment has officially filed proceedings to lay off more than 1,000 workers in prelude to the shut down in September. The Trump Plaza will join a graveyard of other Atlantic City resorts that have fallen on financial hardships after suffering damage from a sequence of damaging storms  read more>>

Microsoft Layoffs: Restructuring to Increase Profits

Microsoft revealed it was releasing 18,000 jobs of its workforce on July 17th. It’s the largest layoff in the company’s history. In addition to the announcement of the massive layoffs, Microsoft has also informed thousands of its contract workforces that they will be touched by the job cuts as well.

Though this may not appear as severe of a blow as the cuts are for employees, it’s essential to understand just how many contractors this  read more>>

Immigration Reform: Backed By Business

Businesses are increasing their support for reform, as the US struggles with an immigration calamity at its borders. The government is frantically trying to deal with the invasion of thousands of single-handed children crossing into the United States.

The main reason for the overwhelming support from businesses in the hospitality and restaurant industries is due to the lack of employees. They struggle to find adequate amounts of people willing to take effort-exhaustive jobs. The majority of cooks and dishwashers are recent immigrants. U.S.-born workers either don’t apply for those jobs or won’t  read more>>

Barefoot & Pregnant: The Hobby Lobby Judgment

On Monday, June 30th, the Supreme Court ruled that family-owned corporations are not required to provide their employees with insurance coverage for birth control, siting federal protection of religious freedom. The judgment was in favor of the retail franchise Hobby Lobby. In this latest effort to abort Obamacare, the target was focused on the health care act’s requirement that for-profit companies afford their employees insurance coverage for contraception.

Justice Samuel Alito ruled that the federal  read more>>

Hillary Clinton: The Mitt Romney of 2016

Since becoming the first lady of the United States in 1993, Hillary Clinton has lived an illustrious life that most Americans will never get the benefit of experiencing. Although revered by many for her outstanding resume, New York’s first female U.S. Senator and former Secretary of State has recently suffered a disconnect with voters.

Hillary is often considered to be out of touch to the working class American. Many view her as an elitist, contrary  read more>>

Obama’s Downfall: No He Can’t?

As of late, it seems that nothing can improve President Obama’s rapidly declining approval ratings. This does not come as a surprise to some given the current scandals concerning Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Veterans Affairs that continue to bog the Obama presidency. The discussion is more prevalent than ever regarding the president’s competency as the leader of the Free World.

A new poll is shifting the media’s depiction of Obama’s second term  read more>>

The World Cup & Brazil’s Booming Business Of Sex

As the leading authority in the business brokering industry, I’ve sold hundreds of companies and franchises to many eager entrepreneurs and business owners throughout my career. In my line of work, I broker the buying and selling of businesses; in the case of the World Cup, however, business is booming for those who broker the buying and selling of sex. With every world cup tournament, Super Bowl, and major international event, prostitutes from every  read more>>

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