Reinvention: A Business Facelift

For businesses, the meaning of reinvention is looked upon as a facelift of a company. In order to stay competitive, companies must be able to reinvent themselves. Business reinventions can range from rebranding to an entirely new business model.

Many companies I consult with share the need to transport their business into the 21st century. A business owner must first improve the quality of the services or products being offered to compete in a  read more>>

The Survival of Thriving

In her fresh new book, the Huffington Post editor-in-chief, Arianna Huffington, examines why money, power, and materialism are not exclusive to the definition of success. Arianna Huffington is the president of the famous Huffington Post Media Group. In May 2005, she launched The Huffington Post, a news and blog site that rapidly developed into one of the most relevant media brands on the Internet.  As a nationally syndicated columnist, and author of 14 books, she has been named in Forbes in the Most Powerful Women list and  read more>>

Green Supremacy: What Donald Sterling Doesn’t Practice

The most communal inaccuracy the dominant society makes when discussing racism is to think it is a collection of prejudices and individual acts of discrimination. They do not see that it is a system of interlocking, reinforcing institutions: economic, legal, educational, and cultural. As a system, racism affects every aspect of life in a society. The “culture” that now former owner of the NBA Clippers was referring to in his infamously leaked audio recordings.  read more>>

McDonald’s vs Taco Bell: The Breakfast Wars


Taco Bell has recently introduced an entirely new breakfast menu to the public and while doing so, threw a few entertaining advertising punches at the fast food conglomerate McDonald’s. A short film used primarily for viral visibility featured dozens of people named Ronald McDonald endorsing the taco franchise, a brave move given the clout of the almighty Egg McMuffin. McDonald’s has generally ruled rush hour breakfast. According to figures released from the food research  read more>>

Kardashians: The Kash Kows of Business

By: Michelle Seiler-Tucker

Believe it or not, there’s a lot we as entrepreneurs can learn from the Kardashian family about running a business. Gasp and clutch your pearls if you will, but the money doesn’t lie. It seems that the Kardashian Klan has built a religion around fame, fortune, and frolic worth hundreds of millions of dollars. With a plethora of licensing partnerships estimated at a staggering $65 million in 2010 alone and it has been reported that The family’s leading lady, Kim,  read more>>

BEYONCE : The Slutty Feminist


The media’s endless hounding of prominent females concerning whether they identify as feminists has finally paid off — several flagrant figures, including Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Lena Dunham have all announced that they do, in fact, think of themselves as feminist. But not without criticism from those who possess outdated ideas of what the term should encompass. In decades past, a common feminist could be categorized as a braless women who opted  read more>>

David Letterman: Evolve or Die

By: Michelle Seiler-Tucker

With the music industry in a financial uproar, independent record labels becoming more successful and prominent than ever, TV stations and networks on the downswing in overall ratings, while amateur YouTube shows and online streaming grows in popularity by the second, there is simply no more room for “business as usual.” Businesses that adapt the fastest to the ever-changing landscape of society are also the ones that win the biggest.

David Letterman made  read more>>

Just Give Me the Job, I Promise I’ll Act as Stupid as the Rest of You

The outlook for recent college graduates continues to be disheartening for the majority of young Americans. According to the Center for College Affordability & Productivity, 48% of employed U.S. college graduates are in jobs that don’t require a four-year degree and 37% are employed in positions that require only a high school diploma. Recent graduates are forced into accepting jobs that are below their skill sets due to the increasingly fierce job market of  read more>>

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