The Beginning of The End for Kim Jong Un’s Crimes Against Humanity

Since the FBI accused North Korea as being the culprit behind the Sony hack, North Korea has vehemently denied the accusations. In fact, North Korea is now so far on the defensive that the country has refused to partake in an unprecedented UN Security Council meeting that was supposed to discuss North Korea’s domineering and overbearing control over its people’s human rights. This year more than ever has brought the communist country’s capital, Pyongyang  read more>>

Hack Attacks – A New Kind of Warfare

The size and scope of the recent hack of Sony Pictures is an unprecedented event in the US for such a major company. Since November 24th, hackers calling themselves the Guardians of Peace (GOP) have continued to expose and exploit the inner workings of one of the movie industry’s largest studios. It was a first in malicious software hacks, which forced Sony to shut down every Windows operating system, but not before hackers broke  read more>>

Their Pain, Your Gain – Are Torture Techniques Really Worth It?

Following the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on CIA interrogation techniques, polls show that the nation is split in its opinion on the subject matter over whether water boarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques are ever justified and/or effective, but the majority does consent that the tactics used are nevertheless various forms of torture, which I agree is as well.

The questionable ethics behind such actions are what make this media uproar so  read more>>

From His White House, Obama Sees Red

Like a game of musical chairs, Mary Landrieu lost her seat in the Senate following a Louisiana Saturday Night run off against Republican, Bill Cassidy. After 18 long years in office, it took less than an hour after the polls closed for news outlets to call the race for Landrieu’s Republican opponent. It’s a new beginning for Bill Cassidy and a bitter end for Mary Landrieu, who was once seen as a binding  read more>>

Is Ray Rice Good For Business or Is He Just Damaged Goods?

Rice is now eligible to sign with any NFL team. On Friday the NFL reinstated him after he won an appeal of an indefinite suspension by the league. We knew we would win his appeal, because the NFL did not adhere to their policies. Double jeopardy-styled legal situations are a big no-no in the US judicial system.

In recent interview, Ray Rice spoke openly about the domestic violence incident. He had received lots of additional  read more>>

The Joke’s On You, Democrats & Mayor Cravins…You’re Not Funny

A very interesting video was published Monday by the Black Conservative Federation (BFC), which features the mayor of Opelousas, LA, Donald Cravins Sr., telling his supporters to vote twice. The footage was captured at a Democratic campaign the day before the 2014 mid-term elections. Mayor Cravins does not deny his statements, but has defended himself by saying that it was a joke and that audience’s laughter following his statements further supports that. It may  read more>>

Amnesty and Obamacare: A Dangerous Pair

Amnesty is not and never was about having compassion for Hispanics, despite Obama’s ongoing defense over his executive action. It’s actually about creating a more permanent lower class of uneducated and impoverished people who will vote in the political favor of its creators blindly for generations to come. Ferguson is not about white cops shooting unarmed black teens for no particular reason. It’s about keeping people blinded by anger and using it as a  read more>>

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