Has Apple found a new way to find recruits?

It’s hard to find qualified individuals in today’s job climate. Labor Department estimates it can cost on average one-third of a new hire’s annual salary to replace him or her and that those costs increase the higher up you go, some say even more. The Society for Human Resources Management concluded that it could cost up to 5 times a bad hires annual salary to replace them. But how do you know what a  read more>>

US to investigate Chinese IP policies in order to stop counterfeiting

US officials are looking at China’s intellectual property policies which have given rise to counterfeit goods, pirated software and theft of trade secrets. This comes from the top US trade official Robert Lighthizer, who believes that these issues have enough merit for an investigation. It is estimated that the rise in pirating and counterfeiting has cost the US economy $600 billion annually.
Intellectual property is the best value driver for any business. Having access to  read more>>

Tesla Issues Bonds to Fund Production of Model 3

Tesla recently announced that it will be raising $1.5 billion in equity in order to find production of its newest vehicle. They plan on raising this capital through the issuance of junk bonds. Although Tesla is valued higher than both G.E. and Ford Motor Co., they have yet to make an annual profit. Most investors in Tesla are riding on hopes that the Model 3 will be a mass-market hit.

Tesla has recently made some  read more>>

Uber or Lyft?

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son recently confirmed that he is interested in pursuing a deal with Uber. However in a sudden twist he also revealed that he is not opposed to working with Lyft, Ubers only significant competitor. SoftBank has already in a number of ride sharing companies around the world including Didi Chuxing (China), Ola (India), Grab (Southeast Asia), and 99 (Brazil). However it has yet to gain a foothold in the U.S. market.

While  read more>>

Oil Futures Decline as OPEC Questions Member Compliance

Oil futures plummeted Monday as investors begin to worry about OPEC members’ commitment to output cap agreements. This concern prompted a meeting in Abu Dhabi, among OPEC’s key members, to discuss the issue. Investors eagerly await news from the meeting, as the negations made at the meeting will likely result in significant price fluctuations, and thus heavy trading of crude oil futures. The meeting concerns certain members’ commitment to the output cap agreed upon  read more>>

Massive Merger Falls Through

Charter Communications just announced that it has no interest in acquiring Sprint, only days after Wall Street announced the proposed deal. This acquisition would have created a new conglomerate under the control of Masayoshi Son, chairman of the Japanese megacompany Softbank, which owns sprint. Charter said in a statement that they see no reason to cut ties with Verizon, and intend to launch wireless services to cable companies next year.

According to Reuters.com, the telecom  read more>>

Michael Kors’ Diversifies, by Putting Its Best Shoe Forward

Luxury shoe manufacturer Jimmy Choo was just bought by Michael Kors for £896 million ($1.2 billion). Jimmy Choo brand shoes are very popular among female celebrities all over the world and have taken Hollywood and Bollywood by storm as a symbol of fashion and luxury.

In recent years, many famous luxury clothing brands have performed poorly and were consequently bought out by other firms. Michael Kors was one of these brands and in order to  read more>>

Google Slapped with Massive Anti-Trust Fine

Alphabet Inc (the parent company of Google) recently reported $3.5 billion on its second quarterly statements, a significant $1.4 billion less than last year’s second quarter. The decline was the result of the European Union slapping Google with a $2.7 billion anti-trust fine the previous month. According to the EU commission, Google used its European shopping platform, Google Shopping, to unfairly decrease traffic for their rival retailers.

Why is this illegal? Doesn’t Google have the  read more>>

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