Apple Gets Tough with China 

Trade between the US and China is necessary for the success of both economies, but recently, China is becoming a bully to American business. Apple, the world’s most admired company, is the latest victim of China’s hostile legal system.

While every country passes laws to ensure security for domestic companies, China’s patent laws allow firms to patent designs already owned by other businesses outside of China.

The issue is twofold. First, these laws allow Chinese firms to  read more>>

Taking on Hillary and the GOP, Trump aims for the Oval Office 



Four months, three weeks. That is how long Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be battling for the presidency, as of today (Tuesday). There lies a long road ahead of the two, but Trump faces two battles, not one. The GOP have yet to accept the truth that most Americans have. Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election.

Running a national presidential campaign takes resources far beyond those needed for  read more>>

Tragedy In Orlando

Sunday, Omar Mateen, a “homegrown” terrorist, murdered 49 people and left another 53 injured, after an attack on an Orlando gay club late Saturday night.

The shooting cuts across nearly every major issue facing the country and our world today. America has been in direct conflict with what is now various terrorist organizations for at least 15 years. We witnesses brutal terrorist attacks in Boston three years ago, Paris last November, and Brussels this March.  read more>>

Iran Oil

In January, the United States and European Union lifted decade old sanctions off Iran, in a bold move to stabilize the region. Iran is one of the most oil-rich nations in the world, and with its opening to the world, everyone expected a gradual increase of Iranian oil into the marketplace.

For the first four months of its freedom, Iran struggled to find shippers to export its oil. Now, European and Asian supertankers are exporting  read more>>

Wall Street and the Fed get blindsided by dismal job data 

New job data stuns shows a massive fall-off in hiring, stunning Wall Street and the Fed alike. Projected hiring for last month was 164,000, when the data was released last Friday. Analysts were stunned to see only 38,000 jobs added. According to Reuters, of the 105 analysts it polled for May job data, not a single one guessed the data would be so dismal.

Just days ago, it seemed likely the Fed would consider a  read more>>

Did Uber try to change the world too fast?  

What do the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and the Teamsters all have in common? They all want to represent Uber drivers in a burgeoning Uber Driver union bid.


Uber, the ridesharing startup which revolutionized the way people move through cities, may have tried to change to world just a little too much. Uber’s drivers are not employees, but rather independent contractors. This allows Uber to keep  read more>>

What would you do with $62 billion in cash?

If you have $62 billion in cash, what would you do? For Bayer, the German chemical and pharmaceutical company, they offered to buy Monsanto, the agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation from Missouri.

Monsanto often catches the ire of the public. Its primary occupation is seeds, and has been caught in the hotly discussed GMO debate. However, it’s a company worth $62 billion in an industry that is fast consolidating. Dow Chemical and Dupont announced recently announced a merger valued north of  read more>>

And Trump Takes the Lead! 

New polling data released this week shows Trump beating Clinton in head-to-head polls. While the current margin is slim, less than one percent according to Real Clear Politics, the trend line is picture perfect. Two months ago, in late March, Hillary enjoyed an 11% margin, since then, her lead has fallen precipitously. Now, she has to play catch up.



While Trump has a clear path to the general election and ample time to campaign against  read more>>

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