GE’s Struggles Push the Energy Giant to Cut Dividends

It has been a struggle for GE this past year. Due to mismanagement, GE’s stock has fallen 40 percent this year, and just this Monday the stock dropped 8 percent to its lowest level in 5 years. However, with its new Chief Executive Officer Flannery, GE is changing its ways so that it can return to growth. GE’s latest move towards recovery is cutting dividends. It plans to cut its dividend from 24 cents  read more>>

Hasbro Makes Bid on Toy Rival Mattel

Following Mattel’s financials struggles this year, Hasbro has now made a bid to acquire its major competitor in the toy market. A buyout that would increasingly consolidate the major players in the toy industry. Mattel has struggled to revive some of its fading brands like Fisher Price, Barbie, and Hot Wheels. Just like every other retail industry, the unprecedented growth of e-commerce and the changing habits of consumers have affected the toy industry. The  read more>>

The ‘Paradise Papers’

On November 5th of 2017, 13.4 million electronic documents were released holding confidential information on how the wealthy funnel their money through offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes. The papers were hacked from Appelby, a law firm that specializes in offshore banking deals across the world. The papers explicitly show how wealthy individuals use offshore companies and accounts it “tax havens” to avoid paying taxes. Among those named in the Paradise Papers where the  read more>>

CVS Comes Knocking

CVS just announced plans to start a next day delivery service for pharmaceuticals. Chief Executive Larry Merlo announced during CVS’s earnings conference call with analysts. This comes shortly after Amazon had reported that it had wholesale pharmacy licenses in a dozen states a few weeks ago. The next-day delivery service will be available nationwide in 2018, and in some locations, it will even offer same day delivery. Activity has already started with CVS’s new  read more>>

US Economy Continues to Grow

The US economy grew 3.1 percent during the 3rd quarter of 2017. This was higher than expected after several states were damaged by hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Many analysts believed that there would be a sharp slowdown in our economic growth following the devastating results of this year’s hurricane season. However, spending held steady, even though homebuilding investment dropped. Consumer spending had a 2.3 percent growth, added with the increased growth of exports, business  read more>>

Comcast’s Steady Expansion Reaps High Returns

Comcast has been making steady moves to expand beyond its cable business. The release of their quarterly report for the 3rd quarter of 2017 seem to show that their work has paid off. The media firm, that is now worth $170 billion, has been entering new sectors through the acquisitions of NBC Universal and a recently launched wireless phone service. Comcast shares have risen significantly, and have left the shares of Verizon Wireless and  read more>>

Nintendo is on a winning streak

It’s like good, old times at Nintendo. Their recent forecast has Nintendo making 120 billion yen ($1.06 Billion) in profit through the end of 2017, nearly double the 65 billion yen ($572 million) it forecasted 3 months ago. These numbers make 2017’s 3rd quarter the best they have been since 2010 when Nintendo was still selling the Wii and DS consoles. The major jump in profits are thanks to Nintendo’s new console, the Switch,  read more>>

G.E. Change is GOOD

It seems new leadership means big changes at General Electric. John Flannery, G.E.’s new executive has taken over the reins and is planning major changes to help the industrial giant recover. Flannery has held the position for less than 3 months and he is already planning on cutting businesses by $ 20 Billion in the next couple of years. News of these big changes came when G.E. reported substandard profits during the 3rd quarter  read more>>

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