Amazon Shakes Up Grocery Industry

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ announcement to acquire Whole Foods last week sent shock waves throughout Wall Street and grocery giants like Target, Walmart, and Costco saw their stock prices plummet. Amazon’s acquisition will undoubtedly bring online grocery shopping to Whole Foods and thus gives Whole Foods a competitive advantage over its competitors. This could lead to a further digitization of the grocery industry, as other grocery retailers are likely to scramble to adopt online  read more>>

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

India Rising

Most of us associate China as Asia’s economic superpower but very soon that title may go to India as it is currently a treasure trove of investment opportunities. India will very soon pass China as the world’s most populous nation and possesses one of the fastest growing middle classes of any country on earth. This in addition to the gradual dissolution of the ancient caste system has created an explosion of entrepreneurial activity  read more>>

The Auto Industry Evolves, So Do Its People

We are entering an age in technology where self-driving vehicles will soon be a reality. With many radical innovations, the technology exists but the practical and swift adoption of these inventions holds many companies and geniuses from ushering in the future. This bottleneck will always exist in the auto industry; the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” holds too much truth for car owners.

Nonetheless in a move to remain competitive, recapture market  read more>>

The End Of Retail As We Know It

In some respects, technology has changed our world for the better. Our ability to access information, pay taxes, buy seemingly anything online with the click of a button has completely disrupted the past ways we as consumers and as businesses operate. The evolution of commerce is now starting to leave traditional brick-and-mortar retail businesses behind.

Stores such as Macy’s, JCPenney, and Dick’s Sporting Goods all have tough paths forward. Each store’s first quarter earnings report  read more>>

Consolidation is in the Bag

On Monday, Coach Inc. announced it struck a deal to buy rival Kate Spade & Company for $2.4 billion. The luxury handbags and accessories brand, whose sales peaked in 2013, has been looking to reverse its slumping revenue. The acquisition will add an estimated $1.5 billion annually to Coach’s top line, but more importantly, Coach will save a tremendous amount by combining the companies’ supply chains and management.

The attractiveness of luxury brands like Coach,  read more>>

A Fair Representation on Taxation

After years of rising tax rates and intensifying frustration among individuals and corporations, it appears the American tax system is finally getting the makeover it needs. President Trump unveiled a tax plan which, at its core, will grow America’s economy. By slashing corporate and individual tax rates, this plan will encourage more business be done in our great country and result in more money in all our pockets!

Under the current tax system, corporations are  read more>>

Tesla Steals the Thunder

As of Monday morning, Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. hit a new milestone as it passed General Motors to become America’s most valuable automaker. The electric carmaker also surpassed Ford Motor Co. a week earlier, and next up is Honda Motor Co. At about $51 billion in market capitalization, Tesla rise to the top has little to do with the less than 80,000 vehicles it delivered last year and is more a reflection of investors  read more>>

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